What is One Day Mediation?

This type of mediation differs from family mediation in several key ways.  The mediator is still a skilled facilitator, who will impartially hold the balance of power between you and help you to agree your settlement. The mediator is able to hold confidences e.g a bargaining position or best offer.  It will mostly take place with you in separate rooms over a day, not over several sessions over a few months.  Your lawyers need to be there at the end, if not all day, so they can draw up the agreement on the day.   In this way you can have support and advice from your lawyers during mediation and can have a final written agreement on the day you mediate, which can later be made binding by the Court.


  • It can all be done in a day without court
  • You can have your lawyer and a friend or family member with you
  • Separate rooms and shuttle negotiations can be easier in some cases
  • The mediator can hold confidences about offers and positions
  • A financial settlement can be made binding on the day


  • Costs more than family mediation
  • Less well known - though no less effective for that and ideal for some cases


About £2,000 - £5,000, depending on whether the lawyers come all day or at the end

Is Legal Aid available?


What if it fails?

See court applications

Time Scale

Time for the process to complete is 1 day plus preparation around 2 weeks

Who can provide this service

Focus Mediation Ltd