What is the Milton Keynes Safety Net?

This is an initiative whereby people who do not get legal aid can seek help at surgeries run by local Milton Keynes lawyer volunteers free of charge for one meeting of half an hour.  You may expect an overview of your case and to be pointed in the right direction.  It is not designed for repeated appointments or as a substitute for proper legal representation. However, if you find that you need legal help, you can seek advice from a lawyer at any stage.  You stay in control, not the lawyer.

You can ask your solicitor if they will advise you without going on the record at court as your representative.

Case Study


  • Legal costs are kept down
  • Solicitors only involved when party needs help
  • Known cost when solicitors help is needed
  • Access to limited legal advice
  • Can be used for cases concerning children as well as financial cases.


  • The party has to deal with all documents and correspondence and acts for themselves
  • Solicitors not on the court record - potential for important details being missed
  • Solicitors cannot represent party at hearing until notice of acting has been sent to court and other party's solicitors - cannot be done in a hurry


£0 - £3,000 depending on how much assistance is required. plus expenses

Is Legal Aid available?

Yes, in limited form, but legal aid currently due to be removed in April 2013

What if it fails?

Depending on stage reached, parties could mediate, but if not possible to mediate, court application.

Time Scale

Time for the process to complete from 3 months

Who can provide this service

Hawkins Family Law
Neves Solicitors