What is Family Mediation?

Mediation is a way of sorting out your settlement and separation arrangements using a specially trained facilitator. Mediators  are impartial and can give neutral legal information, but they cannot give individual "best interests" advice. The process is voluntary and is a type of DIY divorce - with help.  The mediator does not hold confidences (save an address or telephone number) so everything is open between you.  There will be a separate or joint assessment meeting for you to find out all about mediation, followed by a series of one to four sessions to collect information, brainstorm options and come to an agreement.


  • An amicable, constructive and dignified way to sort out your settlement
  • Quick and cost effective
  • You have more control of the process.
  • The mediator holds the balance of power to make it fair
  • You can mediate in the same room or separately, but usually together
  • You share the costs between you
  • Free if you are eligible for legal aid


  • Where needed the agreement reached will have to be made binding by your lawyers
  • With normal family mediation, your lawyers will not be present


Usually between £300 and £1,000 each and often less, dependent on the number of sessions

Is Legal Aid available?

Yes, if you go to a Legal Aid Agency franchised service and qualify

What if it fails?

See Court Applications

What is One Day Mediation ?

See One Day Mediation


Time Scale

Time for the process to complete is between 1 month and 6 months

Who can provide this service

Focus Mediation Ltd
Hawkins Family Law
Purcells LLP
Sheddon Family Law
Kingsley David Solicitors