What is Counselling?

At the Family Hub, we understand that resolving your legal issues may only be half the problem.  Separation from a partner or involvement in litigation, particularly when it involves court appearances, can be extremely stressful. 

Relate, the relationship experts, provide clients with access to the highest quality counselling that helps to build stronger relationships for adults or children dealing with breakups, loss, arguments, divorce, affairs, domestic violence, step-families or anything else that affects relationships.

"To learn that divorce and separation are the same as loss and people need time to grieve was a great relief and release for me. I wish someone has told me this months ago!"

We know it's sometimes a tough decision for people to contact Relate, especially if the relationship is beyond 'saving'.  Their friendly appointments staff will answer any questions you have. Making time to come to terms with the end of your relationship and developing new ways of relating will be worth it for adults and children in the long run.

Appointments are available face to face, online or on the phone weekdays, evenings and Saturdays. Call 0300 100 1234 (local rate)

 Visit  http://www.relate.org.uk/life-channel-divorcing/index.html  for more info

"The divorce is difficult for me, but it's affecting my children more than I thought."


  • Having someone outside the relationship looking in can help identify problems you (and your partner) don't see
  • It may give you a chance to repair your relationship
  • It can help you see destructive patterns of behaviour and points of breakdown in your communication and stop you doing the same things again
  • It gives you a chance to vent your feelings
  • It can help you come to terms with your relationship breakdown and move on


  • If unsuccessful, the cost of going to counselling sessions can add to the financial pressure on a couple (finances are one of the main reasons for divorce)
  • Bringing up problems from the past, which is likely to happen during counselling, may re-ignite situations and create even bigger arguments
  • In couple counselling, one party may feel that the counsellor is siding with the other, despite the counsellor's best efforts to remain neutral
  • It may be difficult to find a counsellor who suits you or with whom you feel relaxed


The cost can vary enormously.  An hour's session with a private counsellor can cost between £25 and £100.  You may be able to access free counselling via the NHS if your GP will refer you.  Relate operates a sliding scale which varies according to your income.

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