One Day Mediation

Case 1

Serena and John wanted a quick, dignified 'good' divorce. John had a new job in America, so it had to be quick.  Their solicitors completed financial disclosure and booked a hybrid family mediation to take place over one day.  The mediator was given a bundle of documents to read before the mediation, so they understood the financial position.  The mediation took place with Serena and John with their separate lawyers in different rooms and the mediator  shuttled between them.  Each had confidential legal help and advice during the process and by 6pm they had a deal and their solicitors were drafting the Consent Order.

Case 2

Mike and Sally were half-way through court proceedings on finances, but didn't really want to go to court.  One of them had heard about mediation, but they wanted it to be fast, so they could avoid the costs of the preparation for their trial, which was looming.  Their solicitors booked a one day mediation and came along with them for the day. They found they started to see things differently; they could see their shared interest - and their children's - in agreeing things and moving on.  Their solicitors told them what to hold out for and what wasn't worth it.  They agreed everything and signed a Consent Order that day.  The judge approved it and their case came out of the list for hearing.