Family Mediation

Case 1

Sally and Sam argued about everything and anything.  They had had court proceedings about domestic violence, children and  property and finance.  It was costing money they could ill-afford.  Each was  angry and had demonised the other person.  In the end, in desperation, they came to family mediation.  The mediator helped them understand their conflict was fuelling their arguments and litigation.  Each knew this was bad for the children and them and very destructive.  They worked out ground-rules about communication, co-parenting and their children.  They both worked hard to stick to the ground-rules and things began to improve.

Children act and financial proceedings were adjourned and, over a series of four sessions, they managed to agree everything.  Their Children Act proceedings were  eventually dismissed after the mediated arrangements had worked for six months. Their financial settlement was put through the court with a Consent Order.

Case 2

Ann wanted to apply for Financial Orders, as her marriage to James had broken down a long time ago, he refused to leave the house and she was finding it unbearable being there together with the children.  Her solicitor said she had to hear about mediation at a Mediation Intake Assessment before she could apply to court.  She hadn't much hope that James would come, but he did and he realised she meant business.  He had to agree things in mediation or go to court.  He chose mediation and they attended four sessions and agreed their arrangements for separating, divorcing and the house, children - everything.